The Printing House "Jaslo" has been operating continuously since 1990.
We are a Polish company with domestic capital, extensive experience and a long tradition. We have a strong competitive position on the domestic market of foil packaging manufacturers with print - we can confidently call ourselves a leader in this field.
In the production process, we rely on flexographic technology and offset web-fed variable format printing technology. We produce packaging mainly intended for the food and chemical industries. The customers of Printing House "Jaslo" are domestic and foreign manufacturing companies, as well as a regional production companies.
We have a modern machinery, that is continuously being modernized and upgraded with new, innovative equipment. In order to meet the needs of the market, in 2008 we launched cutting-edge machine allowing printing high-quality flexible packaging - both low- and high-input printing.
The Printing House “Jaslo” has also developed innovative technology of antimicrobial coating production for food produce. Such products are brand new not only in the country, but also in Europe.

"Years of experience combined with modern technologies allow us to meet the toughest requirements. Our purpose is to provide products of the highest quality, while ensuring to provide our customers the best prices."

Deputy Chairman of the Board, Drukarnia "Jasło"
Marek Kosiba

Our company specializes in production along with the print of packaging and labels in flexo and offset technology. Our main purpose is to direct all company's activities to fulfiling the needs and expectations of customers.
We are holders of certificate ISO 9001:2015. Our certification according to ISO 9001 is a guarantee of our professionalism and safety.


Quality Policy is implemented through:
- comprehensive product offering, from design through implementation to transport,
- offering new solutions in design, proven in practice, based on own experiences,
- professional advice and consultations on the products offered,
- constant monitoring of our products,
- reliability and sense of responsibility in cooperation with the client,
- rapid response to customer needs,
- strengthening the company's position in the market and expand the area of activity,
- continuous observation of the market and provide our customers innovative products,
- engaging of experienced and creative staff and continuous improvement of professional skills of employees, 
- implementation, application and improvement of the quality management system compliant with ISO 9001.


The quality of our foils is monitored at each stage. To provide high quality we are well-equipped with research instruments:
- spectrophotometers
- lighting cabin
- certified weight
- densitometers
- thermohygrometers
- validators barcode

The new line of packaging coated with antimicrobial active is the answer that the global changes in the lifestyles of consumers, especially in the ever-growing interest in organic food and organic packaging. It is also the company's response to the trend of the socio-consumer fight against food waste, extending the durability and freshness of food products packaged in a safe way. These are some of the key trends defining the direction of development of the food industry.


In the relation to the rapid development of a healthy lifestyle, there is always demand for natural products and organic food The key problem regarding these types of food is their short period of validity. Therefore,there is a huge percentage of fresh products being throw away because they pass their use by date or spoil too soon. There are resources in the current market to extend the term of validity of the goods, however this process involves using chemicals that then leaves the product being no longer perceived as healthy or ecological. This creates limitations in the production of foods that contain preservatives.
The Printing House "Jasło" is the answer to this problem in our current market. We utilise innovative packaging that is antimicrobiogical to seal the product. The goods resulting from the realisation of the project is an innovation not only in the country but also in Europe.
Produkty powstałe w wyniku realizacji projektu stanowią zupełną nowość nie tylko w kraju, lecz również w Europie.

Benefits of project implementation:

  • The huge reduction of microorganisms (the amount of bacteria) is reduced by around 100 times.
  • New packages are effective and safe for the wide range of packed foodstuffs. They are effective in a huge range of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • The biggest level of blockage of harmful biochemical prosesses in the active packages on the market.
  • The application of innovative processes and solutions of production of packages with antimicrobiological coating belong to the most flexible and innovative.
  • Possibility to produce small and large range of active packages.
  • Enables reduces the necessity to store different types of foils that contain or don’t contain antimicrobiological properties.
  • Quick and effective manufacture of desire products.
  • Coatings are selectively applied to disguise any visible welds - welds are strong and packages are sealed air-tight
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